“Making a difference by inspiring people and transforming organizations.”

We question the here and now, and live the future today.

Our fifty1 basic principles: We are a self-organised organisation. All employees work self-responsibly with agile and dynamic roles and responsibilities. Digital tools are essential to allow our team to work remotely from any place, at any time.

We examine our own work flows and processes as critically as we would our clients’. We talk openly and honestly about what we find, even if that is sometimes uncomfortable. We are convinced that having the courage to be open and  transparent, and the willingness to make changes ultimately secure long-term success.

It is your success that counts.

Creating value for your business is our top priority in everything we do. Our measures of success are based on your strategy and future vision. The purpose of your business and these success criteria enable us to evaluate your development on a regular basis.

We do not simply implement popular methods or follow trends. What matters to us is applying the best measures that help you reach your goals.

Oskar Dohrau

Managing Partner

Oskar is an international expert on transforming leadership culture and practice. Thanks to his many years of experience acting as CEO and CTO of technology businesses, he speaks the language of large organisations and knows where problems tend to arise. He works analytically and strategically, combining his approach with agile work methods. His focus is on co-creation and lean development.

Oskar has many roles within fifty1. He is our self-organisation coach and makes sure that the principles of self-organisation are employed, reviewed and developed successfully.

Tom Strasser-Neuhofer

Managing Partner

Tom is an international expert on innovation and business transformation. He focuses particularly on modern forms of organisation. He has a background in IT and worked as a Tech-Accelerator in London where he also studied People and Organisational Development. All of this has given him an in-depth understanding of complex transformation processes. Tom’s particular focus is on the intra-personal perspective and business culture issues in transformation processes.

Tom’s role in fifty1 is to ensure the well-being and ongoing integration of the team.

Patrick Huiber

Managing Partner

Patrick is an expert in IT, product development and agile mindsets. He has many years of experience in international R&D management as well as in the development and leadership of agile organisations. It is important to Patrick that organisations do not simply introduce new methods, but that agile principles are reflected in day to day actions in order to be anchored sustainably in business culture.

Patrick brings a playful and spiritual element to fifty1 team meetings with his wealth of creative methods.

We are “Techies”

Many of our team have been part of the top management team in technology businesses and have managed complex IT projects. We combine this range of experience with a modern consultancy approach.

We are all very curious people and love to learn something new every day. We allow this knowledge to influence our projects too.

Julia Breitler

Julia Breitler


Julia’s role in fifty1 is to coordinate and lead operations. Having studied business and business psychology, she is able to find a balance between clear structures and social needs.

Whenever the creative heads at fifty1 risk descending into chaos, Julia provides a calming oasis of structure and harmony.

Linh Dinh


As an experienced agile worker and systems thinker, Linh is able to quickly recognise the potential for change in organisations and can support them to transform. He does this by employing a wealth of different methods that support learning organisations. His pragmatic approach has proven to be a great asset in countless IT projects he has led.

Linh has a wide array of interests and is very well read. At fifty1 he enjoys sharing his fascinating thoughts and stimulating our conversations.

Elisabeth Harzhauser

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Elisabeth is responsible for raising fifty1’s profile. She brings expert knowledge from many years’ experience in digital marketing and project management,  and yet it is never technology but always the human being that is her focus. As a qualified life coach and counsellor, she has an acute eye for identifying basic human needs.

Elisabeth helps the fifty1 team to express their feelings clearly and openly, which enables communication to happen at all levels.

Listening is more important than talking.

Sustainable change starts when people feel understood and listened to, which requires a basis of trust. We take the needs, concerns, questions and ideas of your employees on board and integrate them into our implementation plans.

Our team is made up of experts in organisational psychology, creativity and technology. This allows us to speak with authority to people from very different disciplines and create an atmosphere of appreciation and open communication in every interaction. We also know the importance of actively involving your employees in order to implement change sustainably.

Christine Mark


Christine is passionate about digital transformation and service design. She is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative approaches and with many years’ expertise in customer experience, is able to translate what she finds into tailored solutions for her clients.

With her calm and considerate nature, Christine manages to calm even the most heated discussions by encouraging the fifty1 team to take time to reflect and listen.

Robert Korn


Robert is an expert in developing business culture. His experience in social work has helped him develop a calm and people-centric consultative approach. He is passionate about digital trends and agile ways of working. His focus is on developing future-oriented communication and learning competencies for individuals, teams and organisations.

Robert likes to question existing norms and helps us to rethink and reform fifty1 on a regular basis – and all of that with creativity and playfulness.

Verena Gruber

Verena Gruber


Verena is passionate about conflict resolution and change processes. As part of her PhD at King’s College, London she worked with the Kurdish military forces in northern Iraq and learned valuable lessons on post-merger integration. In addition, she gained experience as a project manager at the European Forum Alpbach, overseeing the prestigious Economic and Financial symposia.

At fifty1, Verena enjoys contributing her interdisciplinary knowledge and joy of thinking outside the box. She is also in charge of diversity, gender and inclusion topics within fifty1.

Martin Dall

Chairman Innovation Board, Co-Founder

Martin is CEO and majority shareholder in MD-Holding. He is also a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in high-tech startups with a focus on platforms, mobile and HR technology. In addition, he is the author of several textbooks on communication.

At fifty1 he acts as a critical sparring partner who contributes with years of experience and sixth sense for trends. He always makes sure that we do not just accept the first idea but constantly grow beyond our own limits.

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